Kundalini crisis and spiritual emergence

What is a spiritual crisis?

Some people experience gradually or spontaneously strange, extraordinary experiences, that become alarming. These are experiences like:

  • kundalini en de Caduceus staf van Hermes
    kundalini en de Caduceus staf van Hermes

    Inexplicable physical sensations.

  • Inexplicable sounds or hearing voices.
  • Noticing things that remain invisible to others (like ghosts and spirits).
  • Making uncontrolled noises.
  • Seeing flashes of light, increased perception of colours.
  • The perception of ordinary events as caricatures loaded with meaning.
  • Out of Body experiences and near death experiences.
  • Paranormal experiences.
  • Meaningful synchronicity between psychological questions and events.
  • Scaring meaningful dreams.
  • Spiritual experiences.
  • Hypersensitivity.
  • Feelings of suspicion and/or fear.
  • Chaos in your (electrical and digital environment).

When these type of experiences disrupt your life and your performance, it is possible that you have a spiritual crisis.


How does this work?

Suddenly a flood of neural energy starts to ricochet through your nervous system, and this can be caused in several ways:

  • Dabbling with spiritual techniques.
  • Unresolved traumatic experiences or deep sorrow.
  • Accidents.
  • Giving birth.
  • Unexpected spontaneous spiritual awakening.

This energy is called ‘Kundalini energy’ in spiritual circles. Kundalini-energy used to be called magical power in Europe and the Middle east. When kundalini energy starts to rush uncontrolled through your nervous system, your get into trouble because your neurological ‘wiring’ is not equipped to canalize this energy.


Kundalini energy= magical power

Within religious and spiritual orders raising kundalini energy is a part of the training systems. You learn how to raise kundalini slowly and controlled, the amount of energy grows gradually and meanwhile you work at the healing and transformation of your trauma’s and blockages.

When done under the guidance of experts, this results in controlled and beneficial spiritual experiences and the development of ‘magical powers’, sometimes called ‘siddhi’s’.

In case of a sudden breakthrough of a too big quantity of Kundalini – or magical energy, you suffer from all kind of strange, uncontrolled and sometimes frightening experiences.


How does this happen?

Spirituality increases in popularity and the group of energy workers who want to train people grows. But not everyone is competent to oversee the effects of the exercises on their clientele. Most energy workers lack the technical knowledge of the underlying system, necessary to create solid foundations. Trainers unlock too large quantities of energy without previously building the necessary neurological ‘wiring’ in the client’s energy system and without them being familiar with the emotional and mental techniques necessary to handle increasing quantities of neural energy.

At the other hand there are a lot of spiritual practitioners who go ‘shopping’ in the world of alternative healing and they demand quicker and more powerful techniques to generate instant spiritual ‘results’. Spiritual exercises pile up, like tower blocks. Without an interconnecting system you are unable to create a solid fundament and the ‘inner temple’ that you are trying to build will be unstable because of the lacking cohesion in the construction, it will start to grow lopsided and finally collapse unexpectedly.

A kundalini crisis can also unfold spontaneously, for example because of traumatic events, or pressure on previous traumatic experiences.


Hypersensitivity, paranormal skills, kundalini, metanoia, magical power.

All these skills can be the wanted outcome of spiritual development when they are fully under control of the will of the practitioners. When you are taken by surprise at odd moments by extraordinary experiences, when you are unable to close down when the circumstances demand your full attention, when you experience fear because of them: then you run the risk that this escalates into a full crisis in your life, in the form of a psychosis. Then it is time to act, to prevent this from happening and

By means of spiritual exercises it is possible to develop these magical powers slowly. By increased access to your subconscious mind, you develop healing hands, telepatical skills and other magical powers. Sleeping parts of the soul are wakened and developed (Transformation of the Underworld) and you consciously build relations with the Transpersonal Superconsciousness ( Igniting the ‘Interior Stars’. When your are able to process this increased energy, you start to experience healthy peak experiences, you will feel connected with nature, with your soul, with your mission in life, with the divine in you and around you.



This maxim is drummed into everybody’s head in the western esoteric orders!

Kundalini-energy or magical power must be trained slowly and within the traditional orders this is practiced by means of an ancient system. This method links psychic and physical energies to the so called archetypes from the Transpersonal Superconsciousness; also called gods and angels. Through efficacious methods the amount of energy is slowly increased.

Compare it with a tree: First you plant the seed, and that seed needs time to germinate. It needs to be nurtured, watered and slowly it will start to sprout and grow.

The development of the roots (the subconscious mind or ‘Underworld’) must develop parallel to the growth of the branches (transpersonal auperconsciousness or ‘Astral World’). When the spiritual part grows too quickly and no attention is given to the subconscious mind (know thyself) the tree will not grow healthy roots and it will eradicate during a storm (when you experience great stress in your life).


Spiritual First Aid

How can I help you?

When you think you are in a Kundalini-crisis we can make a skype appointment. We will look to your experiences.

In order to help you we need to meet physically. I am located in the Netherlands. In a consultation of two hours we will investigate the cause of your experiences. During the first hour we will talk about the content of your experiences, in order for me to figure out what causes them.

In the second hour I will work with you to solve the problem. I have developed a large toolkit of techniques over the years that I can use to help you. Regular methods like NLP, family constellations, Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy. Alternative methods like meditation techniques, breathing techniques, prayer techniques and rituals.

Mostly we work in a neutral space, but incidentally it can be necessary to choose a different location, or work in nature.

My help is classified as alternative therapy. When necessary we will call in official medical healthcare.

Read more about my work in my book ‘The Temple of High Magic’, and you will find more about my work related to spiritual emergence in the ‘Mystery of the Sea’. (planned to be translated into English in 2015).

Ina Custers van Bergen, Rotterdam 2014