Ina Custers


 My mission is to help people to increase mindfulness and heartfulness, meanwhile awakening the wisdom in you to handle these powers safely, in a program that optimizes the art of living.

Ina’s mission is to help people find their life’s purpose, to increase personal happiness and wellbeing. She helps people to develop self-esteem, find meaning and mission in their lives by helping them to open up to higher states of awareness. To this end she teaches Transpersonal Development. Transpersonal Development is a cutting edge spiritual technology and a metaphysical art that systematically works with the subconscious mind. It allows practitioners to magically change their lives.  Transpersonal Development is a science of illumination and power. Practicing it, you will generate peak experiences and changes of consciousness, that will dramatically increase your ability to influence your life for the better. It teaches you a unique set of consciousness altering tools, which will help you to activate higher states through unusual arts and sciences. Practicing Transpersonal Development will positively change your life. Ina Custers’ mission is to actively participate in creating human dignity, responsibility and connectedness to both humanity and the planet. She is a specialist in self-development lectures, retreats, and transpersonal training events with a focus on self-empowerment, expansion of awareness, and personal growth.

Her specialism is the Western Mysterytradition, the transpersonal roots of our culture are the ideal starting point for personal empowerment. Ina takes knowledge from Medieval and Renaissance sources, along with Greek mythology, Egyptian magic, Arthur Mythology, Alchemy, Ceremonial Magic, the Jewish Cabala, Tarot, and Arab astrology.

 Mission and Motto: To Unify the Two Worlds.

Ina is a full-time transpersonal coach. She develops materials for the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight, gives lectures, organises retreats, workshops and training in various European countries. Ina teaches in Dutch, German, and English. Her goal is to offer modern people self-development and personal empowerment drawing on ancient transpersonal roots.

 "The old techniques are especially interesting to me because they work on a deep subconscious level. They help the processes of change progress smoothly. Time and again they recalibrate you according to the primal patterns of harmony and health, and immerse you in affectionate energy."

Ina uses methods from ancient times in her events and training: meditation and prayer are well-known forms of this. Less known are the Mystery-play and Ritual Drama, which were used in temples in ages past. Aside from famous international institutes for the Esoteric Sciences, Ina has also been educated in health care. She’s a sociotherapist, hypnotherapist, time line therapist, practices NLP, Family Constellations and has followed courses on system theory. Before devoting her full-time attention to being a transpersonal councillor, she worked within the healthcare system as a manager.

From the retreat: Arthur, King now and forever…

As head of the Hermetic Order of the Temple of Starlight, Ina hosts training and workshops for highly trained professionals from the academic and business worlds, in various European nations.

"It’s amazing to experience how this takes me out of my comfort-zone. It takes a lot of courage to leave behind your three-piece suit and immerse yourself in a magical reality where the Gods and the forces of Nature take the place of results and work-stress. But it’s worth it. I’ve reconnected with the core of myself and why I do the things I do. After the retreat I was filled with inspiration to work on what is truly valuable to me, and to realise this in my work and private life. To me the retreat was intense, amazing, inspiring and life-changing."
Dr. A. Cooper

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