Transpersonal Development

Transpersonal Development, the search for Alchemical Gold

Ina Custers – van Bergen offers a transpersonal development training to help people to generate meaningful experiences and integrate them into their daily lives. A constant part of her repertoire is the so-called training Transpersonal Development. These gatherings are an Alchemical quest for one’s own gold.

  • How to generate meaningful experiences experiece purpose, how to integrate these peak experiences so they influence life deeply?
  • How to learn which forces are active in your life, and how are these forces optimally used?
  • How to use your potential talents and opportunities for growth to the fullest?
  • How to manifest what you need to reveal their true nature?
  • How to safely train your talents as healer, or medium, between the mundane and the unseen?
  • How to develop your hypersensitivity into a talent that enriches your life?

Transpersonal Development

De Tempel - Ina Custers“There wasn’t much space in my life for my Self. My life revolved around the beta-sciences, until I got in touch with the tradition of the Western Mysteries through my partner. Up to that point I had been unaware of missing something from my life. The desire to live a meaningful life became apparent and I realised this through the training Transpersonal Development. Together with a group of amazing people we experience the most beautiful and magical events.”



The Enchantment of the Transpersonal world

The training Transpersonal Development is a one day gathering happening monthly. The meetings have been organised per semester in blocks of five. Every half year covers a different theme.

  • Attending the training Transpersonal Development you invest in personal and spiritual growth.
  • You’ll learn a variety of different transpersonal techniques, like meditation, prayer, ritual and mystery-play, that all contribute to connecting you with your Self.
  • You develop ‘heartfulness’, a connection with your inner self, and learn to use that as a compass to find your personal path of purpose.
  • You’ll work with the power of magical stories.
  • You can share experiences with like-minded spirits, working in a consistent group called a lodge.
  • You’ll learn the ins and outs of working with transpersonal energy, and how to reinforce that energy.

All of these themes are derived from the Western Mysterytradition. The training Transpersonal Development is hosted in several places, taught in Dutch and in English.

The Inner Temple training provides a constant curriculum, so there will always be group to take part in. This facilitates working with beginners and advanced students.

Should you wish to consult Ina concerning the Inner Temple training, and their possible suitability for you, or if you would like training provided at your institute, or if information on joining a class is desired, making an appointment for a non-committal Skype conversation is possible, or she can be emailed at ina(ad)

Here you will find the Inner Temple trainings and Inner Temple Retreats currently planned:

Other spiritual training

On request Ina Custers – van Bergen can provide training at your company or training institute, adapted to specific need. For this Ina can be contacted at the above address.