Transpersonal coaching

Healing through archetypes

Your subconscious mind consists of ground patterns. Carl Gustav Jung called them ‘Archetypes’. These archetypes are part of every human being. They are as old as the world! They are immensely powerful: when such an archetype comes alive, your entire life changes! This happens spontaniously, and sometimes you notice that through meaningful dreams or spontanious images boiling up from the subconscious mind. But not every development is desirable! They are Crossroads on the highways of the mind. You can influence them through meditation and ritual.

When you work consciously with these Archetypes, a lot of positive energy will come available and you will get deeply connected with your inner compass.


Connect to your inner Self

Your Self is the spiritual core that lives within you, deep inside. The increasing everyday rush has made this spiritual core more difficult to reach for many people, making it so they can barely interact with it. Many are lost and wandering, become depressed, experiencing their lives as meaningless.

With Transpersonal Coaching you make a conscious connection with the Archetypes in you, you bring them to life and they will inspire you. In this way you open yourself to your inner souces of love.  Have you connected to this source of Love? The greatest love of your life, the best relationship you can have, is with your Self.

"The process of change and healing is often far from easy. When your heart opens up to the inner worlds, only then will you be able to be touched to the core. It remains the only way to connect with my true purpose again. The most important lesson I learnt from my contact with Ina was that 'however painful life may be, it is beautiful and I feel blessed'. I want to thank Ina Cüsters-van Bergen for the wondrous and inspiring experiences."

Dr. Julia Meyer,

Know Thyself

Written above entrances to the temples of ancient Greece, were the words ‘Know Thyself’. Those words are key to a fulfilled and spiritual life, and are the key which opens the door to greater being. It does not mean to know yourself, but to know your Self. Your Self is your soul, your destination, your purpose in life.

Knock and the door shall open

deurknopTranspersonal coaching helps to bring you back in touch with your sources of inspiration. Through one or more conversations Ina helps you pass obstacles blocking your path, and to reconnect to the core of your Self.

“Knock and you will be opened.”
“But which door should I choose?”
“The door of the heart.”

If you seek to reopen your heart, or to connect with the great mystery of life, making an appointment with Ina can help.