Coaching via Skype

Transpersonal Coaching via Skype

skypeCoaching through skype is possible for everyone, who wants to have an advice related to spiritual and psychic issues, and wants to talk about their experiences with a neutral expert.

  • There are a lot of people who would like to talk about their psychic experiences with a person who can offer advice on how to cope with them; ‘ Is it normal what I see, feel, hear?’
  • People who have had a near-dead experience or an out-of-body experience, and who want to talk about their experiences, who need to process this life-changing event, and integrate it into their lives in a balanced way.
  • People who go through a kundalini-awakening crisis and want to receive directions how to cope with the physical and psychological effects.
  • People who are hypersensitive and want to develop this from a handicap into a talent.
  • People who have troubles within a spiritual group, and who want some directions to cope or quit.
  • People who want to have advice as a leader of an esoteric group to deal with group processes.
  • People who are thinking about attending the Solo Magical Training and who want to discuss whether this would bring what they want in their lives.

A transpersonal coaching via Skype conversation offers insight in yourself, in your own behavior and the possibilities to cope with your personal issues, as well as those related to your social environment.

Reactions of people who did a skype consult:

“The cause of the conversation was a near-death experience that I had years ago. Things changed inside of me, and I was not able to talk to my environment about my extraordinary experiences. I was afraid that wires got crossed, and felt utterly alone in my experience. Always afraid that people would think I am mad. Talking to Ina I realised that I am not alone. I started to read her book The mystery of the Sea , and I realized that there are more people like me, who are perfectly normal and have an extra ability. This skype conversation became the start of a wonderful journey, where I am discovering the ‘Adventure of Consiousness’ and developing an inner richness that I never thought was possible.”

Transpersonal Coaching via Skype

Stop with worrying about your extraordinary experiences. Investing in solving these issues is investing in yourself. Take action. Choose an advice that really helps you forward. As a transpersonal coach Ina Custers is able to detect very quickly what is going on. You will start to develop a different way of dealing with your extraordinary experiences. You will be able to let go of your fears and really start to trust your extra senses. Also you will be capable of accessing higher states of consciousness and meaning, in a way that contributes to the quality of your life and your loved ones.

Don’t hesitate. Book a skype consult  and pay per half hour. After payment Ina Custers will contact you to make an appointment.

Coaching via skype