What is an Inner Temple retreat?

A Inner Temple retreat is an intense weekend that takes place in a monastery. It is time away from the everyday world taking you into a magical world, to practice self-discovery, guided by Ina Cüsters.

  • During Inner Temple retreats one practices mental exercises like meditation, prayer, magical storytelling, ritual and mystery-plays.
  • It helps anchor you to the actual core of your Self.
  • You’ll learn about your purpose in life.
  • You’ll learn how to actualise your dreams.
  • You’ll build up an intense rapport with the Other World.

This allows you to experience what your life revolves around based on what is within you, while the spiritual practice helps to actually manifest your dearest desires.


I-magi-nation to manifestation

VolksabdijImagination is different from fantasy. Imagination is the art of seeing so clearly what you truly want to be or achieve that it will manifest in your life. That is the most important part of the Law of Attraction.

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it!

As someone who trains consciousness and provides spiritual coaching Ina Cüsters-van Bergen calls upon the potential for positive change present in everyone. Through her unconventional teaching methods she invites you to step out of your comfort zone, and to connect to the matrix of health that is anchored in all of us. This carries you to the guiding powers of your purpose in life.

Mysticism and mythology, a magical combination

  • Spiritual trainings and retreats are, aside from intense, meaningful and engrossing, also very fun. Because of old mythical stories an inner dialogue will start within you, between you and the most spiritual part of your Self. Some call this the Inner Teacher, others call it the Holy Guardian Angel.
  • Through a unique combination of spiritual exercises and mythical stories your imagination will be energised and your ability to dream jump-started.
  • The exercises open your mystical awareness into progressively higher spiritual realities, becoming an emissary to these spiritual worlds, sowing the seeds of what you’ve learned in the world. Because of the specific nature of the exercises these dreams become reality.


Do you recognise yourself in one or more of the sentences below?

  • You want to grow spiritually and get in touch with your core self.
  • You just want to know what you mission in life is and why you’re alive!
  • You want to tap into those underdeveloped talents within you, to grow and let them flourish.
  • You want to change your hypersensitivity from a handicap to a talent.
  • You want to stop feeling uncontrolled stress from your predictive gifts, but also want to experience the intense love of the unseen worlds.
  • You feel your dreams are so important you want to realise them.

If so, an Inner Temple training or Inner Temple retreat might be for you!


“Ina Cüsters .. with a concentrated focus and a kind yet powerful spirit she guides us. Inspiring, wise, and an anchor to us while we travel up there between the stars. I think she has a special hot-line to our friends up there. It was perfect … I truly learnt and I grew, and touched the Divine. I can still taste that sweet taste in my mouth, and feel the silken soft energy around me. I got into my car wanting to repeat the experience as soon as possible.”

Elise Jager

Here you’ll find the Temple Trainings and Temple Retreats currently planned:

Here you’ll find pictures of the retreats Ina Cüsters-van Bergen organised in the past years:


You can contact Ina Cüsters-van Bergen here, if you want more information about the next Inner Temple retreat or if you want to know more about WesternMysterySchool.