Enchanting Retreats books

Enchanting books that take you into a Magical world

Ina Cüsters-van Bergen writes Temple Retreats. Temple Retreats are very intensive weekend workshops, in which we work for the entire weekend at one theme by means of mystery play.


Participants of these workshops receive the manuals as a part of the Temple Retreat. These manuals are enchanting books that carry you through the mystery play. These are true Magical books because they lead you into the Otherworld and invoke deep spiritual realisations.



Let us open some of these enchanted books, to enable you to have a view in such a Magical world:

babylonian_moonmagic_600Babylonian Moonmagic
Babylonian Magic 2007

During a Magical retreat we build a mythological scene by means of decors: we locate it at the most important scene of an old spiritual story.

During this Temple Retreat the mythological place was the Moontemple of the Babylonean Moongod Nanna-Sin. Each evening the Moonpriestess climbs the seven stairs of the Ziggurath, to visit the chapel of the Moongod called  ‘The Sanctuary of the Bed’.

Every night Nanna-Sin visits her, he travels towards her in his moonboat and provides the Moonpriestess with information that is important for the Sacred Land. This mystery play was reenacted during this retreat.

‘During the entire retreat we worked in a similar way as the old priest and priestesses. We took care of the temple, bowed before the Moongod, we lived truely ‘out of time’ in an atmosphere of mystery. This had a miraculous influence on me. I started to see images resembling an ancient old memory. Something very old came back to life inside of me. The entire space filled with a vibrating energy. During the nightly vigil I went outside and felt merging into the star filled heaven. It was as if I was walking between the stars myself. I want to thank Ina Cüsters wholeheartedly, I will charish this experience for a very long time.’

Selena Mustard

anubis_workshop_600With Anubis through the Shaman’s Gate
Egyptian Magic 2007

Every Temple Retreat the theme changes, different spiritual techniques being taught. During this retreat the mythological place was the Temple of Anubis in ancient Alexandria in Egypt.

“Anubis is the God who guides journeys to the ‘Otherworld’. He guides you into the Worlds of Light of the ancient ancestors. But he is also the God who guides the Egyptian Mages through the ‘Otherworld’. This Otherworld is the unseen world of the subconscious mind, the world of our ancestors, of guides, Masters, Angels and Gods.”

Ina Cüsters-van Bergen

This time all the participants of the Temple Retreat brought a statue of Anubis. These statues were consecrated throughout the weekend, so that everyone could take the energy of the workshop home for further use.

“The powers were present and growed in intensity during the retreat. It is such a joy to work with all these people that I learned to see as brethren and sisters during this retreat. I experienced the Temple Retreat as one long mystical experience, that gave me a lot of energy long after the workshop.”

Allison Hunter

atlantis_rings_600The Atlantis Rings
The Ancient Sea Mysteries,
Astrological Magic 2008

During this Temple Retreat the focus was on very old astrology, the so called ‘Sea Mysteries.’ In the old days the starry heavens were seen as an ocean. Over this sea the Gods traveled in boats. The planets and the constellations were there ships.

Amidst of this great ocean the legendary continent Atlantis is located. The Atlantic Ocean is the mirror image of the great Cosmic Ocean. Atlantis, a cosmic metropolis where all the knowledge and wisdom of the ages is collected. According to the Greek Philosopher Plato the capital city was surrounded by a series of concentrical rings of land and water.

The famous mistic and magician Dion Forturne used the Sea Mysteries as a scene for her Magical novels ‘Moonmagic’ and ‘The Sea Priestess’.  Insiders know that these novels give insight in the practical work of Dion Fortune. Inspired by the ancient old astrology and the novels of Dion Fortune Ina Custers van Bergen wrote the Temple Retreat ‘The Atlantis Rings, based on the levels the spiritual traveller needs to pass to arrive in this Magical city.

“This retreat touched me deeply. Afterwards I keep hearing the sentences , the sounds, I even smell the fragrants and they take me back. I get inspiration, sudden insights and I am touched by the deep meaning and beauty. In my daily life my perspective deepens and I feel fulfilled and happy.”

Christiane from Germany

the_magus_of_eternity_600The Magus of Eternity
Body of Light 2008

This Temple Retreat was fully focussed on getting acces to ‘OtherWorld consciousness. To journey into that world, the Magician builds a body of light. This lightbody can travel in all dimensions. You can use it to search for specific information you need.

Instead of googling on the internet you can also journey into the ‘Otherworld’ and obtain information telepatically. You can travel in different dimensions, in the emotional world, in the mental world, in the causal world. Building a body of light to travel through all these dimensions requires a superior Magical knowledge and training. This was practiced during this intensive Temple Retraite.

“It was an imensely inspiring retreat, where I learned a lot and experienced even more. The road of the magician has become a deep experience. I want to thank Ina Custers van Bergen for the wealth of information that she shared with us in an easy understandible way.”

Levannah Hafkamp

black_goddess_600The Black Madonna of Miracles
Goddess Magic 2009

The Black Madonna is also know as the miracle-madonna. Within Christianity there are several churches dedicated to her worship.

But her history goes back even further, to ancient Egypt, where the Goddes also had two faces. White Isis is the madonna of the heaven by day, Black Isis (Nephtys) is the Madonna by night.

This Temple Retreat had a very special aftermath for one of the participants, years after the retreat, when he was in a life threatening situation.

´Waiting for the ambulance I automatically came into the experiences of the Black Madonna Retreat. The music turned on automatically, the incantations, I felt the energy and the Black Madonna appeared. I rolled miraculously through the operation and healed without any rest damage. I became that proverbial white raven.’

Lambert, Belgium

sword_in_the_stone_600The Sword in the Stone
Arthurian Magic 2009

Did you enjoy the book ‘The Mists of Avalon’? Then the Arthur Tradition would certainly be something you would enjoy. During this Temple Retreat the mythological setting was the hall of the Round Table in the mythical castle of Camelot. There all the participants gathered, carefully dressed as the Lords and Ladies from the famous stories.

Not many people realise how spiritual these stories are. Everyone knows the scene where Arthur pulls the Magical sword from the stone.

Few realise that the sword is the lightning and the stone is the earth: two traditional weapons of a mage. The other two are the spear (the staff) and the grail ( the chalice). The famous Mists of Avalon are the veil that divides our world and the ‘Otherworld’.

‘I got tears in my eyes when my hearts wish was granted, I was chosen for the role of Morgane le Fay ofor this retreat. These are the moments when magic knocks at your door. The myths came to life. The workshop had a breathtaking atmosphere. It was the beginning of an almost Unbelieveble Experience. Thank you Ina Custers, Lady of the Lake!

Morgana le Fay of Würzburg