Discover the Powers of the Gods in you

Discover the Powers of the Gods in you

discover_the_gods_500“My heartfelt cry breaks the silence of the Primordial Night. Shake off your heaviness and dress yourself in robes of light, because I am the herald of all that is about to come and I bring you the power of miracles – The Sun god.”

Gods are forces of nature, they work all around us and inside of us. They are unconscious patterns of energy. They appear in myths, fairy tales, universal stories and in dreams.

Gods are energy gates; when you step through them, your world changes. You enter into an enchanting force field where miracles happen. A magical reality that also awakens the god-in-you. Surrounded by a supernatural brilliance, you free your powers and psychic energies, you retrieve your balance and grow; emotionally and spiritually.

“I am the Beauty of nature, my sweet touch kisses away your worries. When my star lights up I teach you to delight in my fluid depths – The Love Goddess”

Meet the planetary gods and visit their paradise gardens. We will feel them by means of meditation, prayer and ritual.  They will reveal their true colours and fragrances. Their sounds will echo in music and swirl around in dance. Their voices are heard in myths and legends.

Come and experience! Learn to work with your god powers in a trained group. Notice how you become firmly grounded and grow in power. Enjoy the beautiful meditations, ritual: the enchanting beauty of spiritual and magical work.

Enrol now! Don’t hesitate, you will return home with a rich feeling and come back because you are homesick.  Email to info(ad)

Venue: Haarlem
Dates: September 19, October 17, November 21, December 12 2015, January 23 2016
Door open from 9.00 am, start 9.30 am to approx. 7.00 pm.
Price for five full training days € 435,00
(There is an early bird discount until July 1 from € 37,50, so that the price for 5 intensive training days temporary is € 397,50).